FC-1 French Fry Cutter

FC-1 French Fry Cutter
Model : FC-1


French fry cutter is the meat processing enterprises used in the production process to grind the raw materials according to different processing requirements of granular meat.It is widely used in a variety of sausages, ham, lunch meat, balls, salty flavor, pet food and other meat products and other industries.It is suitable for industrial and home use.
Item Specifications:

ITEM NO.:FC-1Size of Product:410x165x290mm
Net Weight:4.8kgGross Weight:5kg
Size of Product:350x205x240mmSize of Package:370x225x510mm
Net Weight for 2pcs:9.6kgsGross Weight for 2pcs:10.5kgs
Package:1pc/box,2boxes/ctn. with foam, honeycomb box

Package Included:
Blade: 4pcs(6mm,9mm,13mm,8 potato parts)